Advocacy and Legislation Committees

Directing Vice President: Dr. Nancy Lawther

  • Advocacy Chair: Mindy Gould
  • Legislation Committee Chair: Eileen Segal
  • Office of Parental Involvement Liaison: Angela Lozano
  • School Board Liaison: Joseph Gebara
  • School Site Planning & Construction Liaison: Meriel Seymore
  • Student Representative/Student Involvement Chair: Sebastian Lorenzo

Regions and Local Units Committees

Directing Vice President: Sandra West

  • Membership Committee Chair:

Education Committees

Directing Vice President: Dr. Elba Gebara

  • Curriculum & Instruction Chair: Bianca Rodriguez
  • Cultural Arts (Reflections) Chair: Pamela Neumann
  • Early Childhood Education Chair: Melanie Chung Tim
  • Environmental Chair: Gwyneth Foote
  • ESE/Special Education Chair: Fabiana Sanchez
  • Friends of the Science Fair Chair: Sue Cole
  • Student Services Chair: Dalia Pelaez
  • Wellness Advisory Committee Liaison

Organization Committees

Directing Vice President: Jude Bruno

  • Budget Committee Chair: Gisela Eckel
  • Bylaws & Policies and Procedures Chair: Carolyn Nelson-Goedert
  • Courtesy Chair: Beverly Heller
  • Credentials Chair: Jennifer Poletto
  • Family and Community Engagement Chair: T. LaShaun Wallace
  • Founder’s Day: Karen Grace
  • Honors & Awards Chair
  • Juvenile Justice Liaison: Karen Diaz Granados
  • Male Involvement Chair: Alvin Gainey
  • Scholarship Chair: Dannie McMillon

Special Committees (Directed and/or appointed by the President)

  • Faith Based Initiatives: Dannie McMillon
  • Leadership Conference: Chrisanne Fordik
  • Strategic Initiatives: Ivelisse Castro

Florida PTA Advisory

  • Florida PTA President: Mindy Haas
  • Florida PTA Legislative Chair: Angie Gallo