Honors and Awards

Florida PTA also presents awards to local units.

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Each spring Miami-Dade County Council of PTAs/PTSAs hosts an annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony and Vendors Fair.

The Awards and Recognition Ceremony is designed to recognize local units in their efforts to further the mission, vision and values of PTA. We encourage every local unit to apply for any and all of the awards. The ceremony is also our opportunity to say thank you to the outgoing PTA/PTSA presidents and executive boards for all you do. There are several award categories for you to choose from, such as the Student Scholarship Award, which offers your unit an opportunity to honor or memorialize individuals and/or groups that have been instrumental in your local unit’s achievements. What a unique and wonderful way to honor someone special and say: We appreciate and value you. No accomplishment is too small for you to recognize! Be sure to adhere to the deadline date of May 2015, as no applications will be accepted once the dates have passed.


Bylaws Policies and Procedures

our PTA Bylaws and Policies and Procedures are of utmost importance.  Information about everything regarding Bylaws can be found on the Florida PTA Website.

Follow the link to Bylaws Policies and Procedures.


The budget committee, which is appointed by the president or president-elect, has the responsibility for developing the annual budget. The treasurer is designated as the committee chairman. The budget committee may include financial officers, the principal or other designated representative, the president (ex officio), and others. The committee should:


      • Invite board members to submit suggestions.
      • Survey the associations needs and probable costs.
      • Review the program(s) proposed by the program committee, including detailed expense projections.
      • Meet soon after election to prepare the budget .
      • Review past budgets, income, and expenditures.
      • Estimate probable income from all sources.
      • Balance probable income with probable expenses.
      • Unallocated Reserve funds represent the amount remaining after making allocations for budgeted programs and activities and may be used to cover any unexpected or unplanned expenses in the current fiscal year.
      • Carry-over funds represent the amount which is set aside to begin operations at the beginning of the next PTA fiscal year, prior to the onset of fundraising activities.
      • Recommended Budget Line Items. When developing a PTA budget, consider including the following line items:Carry-over Funds: Carry-over funds are needed for start-up expenses at the beginning of a new PTA fiscal year, prior to the onset of fundraising activities. To calculate the amount of this reserve review the prior years Annual Financial Report to determine which operation or program expenses require funding, and estimate costs for these items in the new fiscal year.Convention: The annual Florida PTA Leadership and Convention at Innisbrook is usually held the middle of July. The unit should budget enough money to cover the cost of registration, hotel room, transportation and food for two board officers to attend.Donations: Sometimes PTAs ask parents to donate funds for a specific program.Fundraisers: Fundraising income is the gross income from the fundraiser. List each fundraiser individually. The expenses for conducting each fundraiser should be listed under Expenses individually by fundraiser.

        Gross Income: This includes the total amount of income for the year, excluding State, and National PTA portions of the per capita dues and freewill offering.

        Insurance: Participation in the R. V. Nuccio & Associates insurance program is required of all PTAs in Miami Dade County. Liability insurance is mandated for all PTA meetings and events held on, and off, school property. Miami Dade County Council dues INCLUDE your R. V. Nuccio & Associates insurance premium for each year. County Council dues are due September 30th of each year and considered delinquent after December 15th. Liability Insurance premium year is from November 1 – October 31. If it is not paid, your local unit is uninsured.

      • Membership Dues: Each association determines its own membership dues, but a portion of each membership must be forwarded to Florida PTA. $3.50 per membership covers State and National dues and is due to Florida PTA on a monthly basis and no later than March 1st for each school year. The State and National portion will not count toward your annual gross income, for which you use to file the annual IRS 990.Reimbursable Expenses: PTA should reimburse only for approved out-of-pocket expenses, with appropriate receipts. PTA funds may not be used for personal expenses, personal acknowledgments, or personal use items. Receipts must be submitted for all reimbursable expenses. Local Unit PTAs may not budget for an officers allowance. The IRS considers an allowance as miscellaneous income that must be declared by the recipient as such and will be taxed accordingly.Training/Workshops: Miami Dade County Council training events are at no charge to the local unit. When possible, budget funds to send executive board members to the Florida PTA Leadership and Convention at Innisbrook each July.  Unallocated Reserve: Unallocated reserve funds represent the amount remaining after making allocations for budgeted programs and activities and ma be used to cover any unexpected or unplanned expenses in the current fiscal year. This may be listed as a Miscellaneous line item in your budget, but recommended not to cover any expense over $250.00. For unexpected expenses over that amount, a general meeting must approve an amended budget to include the expense.


Approving the Budget

The PTA does not have to assume any financial obligation in any one term of office that will be carried over into the succeeding term. The proposed budget must be presented to and voted upon by the executive board and recommended for adoption to the association. After the budget is adopted by the association, it should be followed closely in all financial transactions. Should there be an ongoing project to raise funds over a one year period, it is recommended that a new board be considerate of the project but feel free to get it approved again by the new general membership.

For additional information on approval of budget see National PTA Annual Resources for PTAs.


Amending the Budget

Since the budget is only an estimate of the planned expenditures for the year, it may be necessary, from time to time, to amend it. When there are additional expenses or a change in an allocated expenditure, the budget may be amended by a vote of the association at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. To amend something previously adopted, it is necessary to have a two-thirds vote; with previous notice, a majority vote.


Authorizing Expenditures

The adoption of the budget authorizes the treasurer to pay for routine expenses covered in the budget only if such authority is provided for the treasurer in the local PTA bylaws. If the local PTA bylaws do not so provide this authority, the treasurer shall pay bills only when the board/executive committee or local PTA members vote to expend the money, and then only upon presentation of properly signed vouchers, as required in the state bylaws.

All expenditures must be reported to the board/executive committee and included in the regular report of the treasurer to the membership. Any additional expenditures not provided for in the budget must have approval of the membership. The regular financial report should be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which it is presented. Changes in the budget, including both income and expenditures, must be presented as amendments to the budget.

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